JUNE 15-16-17



Classical Guitarist

As founder of the Florida Keys Guitar Festival and Guitar Summit, Mateo is an internationally acclaimed classical guitar composer and soloist. He has performed at the Edinburgh Festival and was a headliner for Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise line. Furthermore, he has produced and performed a weekly concert series in the Keys for twelve years. Mateo’s style is passed down in his lessons to children and adults the Art Studio in Marathon, ensuring that his classical style is immortalized in the following generations.


Contemporary Fingerstyle Guitarist

Partner of Guitar Summit and Co-founder of Islamorada Community Entertainment (ICE), Feder has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships for students pursuing arts, music and dance. With his distinct sound of contemporary, island-infused folk music, artist David Feder makes music that can take you along through the stories of his life. The Miami Herald exclaims, “…the music is so clear and true it makes you shiver.”


Latin Guitarist

Being a multitalented bilingual musician that plays guitar, piano, and bass, Rolando Rojas can sing and arrange music of any genre. Born in Chile, he is a graduate of the Izidor Handler Conservatory of Music in the city of Vina Del Mar. Rolando moved to Key West in 1993 where he joined Caribe of Key West, one of the longest running salsa bands in the Florida Keys. Rolando is featured in Ralph De Palma's book "The Soul of Key West" as one of Key West's favorite musicians.


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